Worship Schedule

January Ministry Theme - Resolution

January 6: A Place Where Everyone Belongs: “There is a place for everyone at the table,” that’s what we say as UUs. But what does it mean to truly welcome everyone into our midst? What would we need to give up, to change or to add? On this first Sunday of the new year, we’ll explore the deeper meaning of “radical welcome” together. Rev. Lisa preaching.

January 13: Keeping Each Other Safe: How do we ensure, here and everywhere in our lives, that we and those we care for feel safe, protected, and respected, as we all deserve to be? As we embark on the journey to make ours a UU “Safe Congregation,” we’ll consider what attitudes and actions lead to creating a truly safe environment for all. Rev. Lisa preaching.

January 20: “With Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love”: n his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace prize in 1964, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke these words. How well are we living out this dream today? Rev. Lisa preaching.

January 27: To Wear Worship: Rev. Johannah Murphy will be our guest preacher. Freshly ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister in June, Jo is looking into a myriad of next options for her ministry including Chaplaincy, Doctoral Programs, and a Fulbright! Of her sermon, Jo says: When I was in my last year of Divinity School, I was in the market for new worship spaces. As I delved into this search it became my thesis, a work that explored what it could mean to 'wear' worship. For my thesis I ended up creating actual pieces of worship to wear as I attempted to negotiate this space of worship in a physical, artistic manner. For this service we will explore together what it means to 'wear' worship, we might even get to don some worship and feel what it is to put on wearable worship!

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