Racial and Immigration Justice: Take Action This Week



We are angry and hurting from the long history of racist brutality and white supremacy in our country, most recently with the murder of George Floyd. We know that our community will want to find ongoing ways to respond and that actions will be unfolding in real time.  We will post here as we hear about them, and please email Martha or Almas with information we may want to include. 
The Racial Justice Action Committee wants to help FPB members increase our collective impact in the critical work of racial and immigration justice and, at the same time, build a supportive community. 
Movement for Black Lives emphasizes that there are opportunities for those who are unable to physically show up to still take action. 
Stay safe, know that you are not alone, and reach out for connection when you need it.  First Parish in Brookline is a caring community with a justice, anti-racist mission.  We can be there for each other as well as for the world beyond our doors.
For more information, contact Martha Leader or Almas Dossa.
First: A victory! Posted by the ACLU Mass.
On 6/24, Boston became the second largest city in the world to ban city government use of facial surveillance technology. Big shout out to Student Immigrant Movement, Michelle Wu, Ricardo Arroyo, Unafraid Educators, Muslim Justice League, and everyone who fought so hard for this. The heading above is a link to further information about this decision and why it was important. Brookline has also banned this technology. 


* Listings of  Upcoming Black Lives Matter Demonstrations in the Boston Area: 


Calendar: Justice for Black Lives Rallies, Protests Against Police Brutality 


  • Building Up People Not Prisons with Families for Justice as Healing

Start with this Newcomers' Action Guide to learn how you can join in organizing to stop spending on police and prisons and reinvest that money in Black and Brown communities. We are led by incarcerated women, formerly incarcerated women, and women with incarcerated loved ones from these communities. Then jump in to the current Week of Action to support the vision and solutions generated by the women who are most impacted by the humanitarian crisis in our jails and prisons.

  • Support Racial Justice Legislation (Prisoners' Legal Services)

This week, Prisoners' Legal Services is asking for all of us to support legislation that will forward the rights of prisoners, their families, and their communities. We must pass critical legislation that would help keep families together who are impacted by incarceration (S.2662 expands visitation rights for incarcerated people and their families and S.1372 would end telephone call profiteering and allow families to stay in touch without cost). We must pass legislation which would ensure that corrections resources are utilized to provide programming and education to incarcerated people (S. 1391/H. 2127 would provide every incarcerated person with baseline rights to programming and education during their incarceration). We must pass legislation which would improve the parole system (H.4607 would increase the number of people on the parole board in order to increase the speed of decision making, and ensure that its membership includes people with experience in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, or the treatment of substance use disorder). Get the script and target legislators here


When:  Wednesday, July 8, 3 pm

Join SURJ Boston members on Wednesday, 7/8 at 3pm to support Dismantle Now! BIPOC Solidarity Against White Supremacy, organized by the North American Indian Center of Boston (NAICOB), United American Indians of New England (UAINE), and the New Democracy Coalition.

This will be a march and art action linking community demands for the removal of white supremacist symbols (such as the Columbus statue that was beheaded last month, and Faneuil Hall) to defunding the police and investing in Black and Indigenous communities.

Planning on going? Fill out this form and we'll keep you in the loop about a SURJB contingent.

Can't go but want to support local Indigenous organizing in other ways? Here's some ways to do that:



Support Movimiento Cosecha in their fight for immigrant justice! There are two bills in Ways and Means that we need to move to a vote before the end of the legislative session this July! The two acts are The Work and Family Mobility Act and An Act to Provide Equal Stimulus Checks to Immigrant Taxpayers. Click this link for information on the bills, petitions, and scripts to call and email your legislators!


The SIM DACA fund provides economic support to DACA recipients in MA to help pay the $495 in application renewal fees. Support MA DACA recipients by donating to the DACA Renewal Fund here!


On June 11th, community groups throughout New England filed a formal complaint to the Massachusetts Department of Health and Dartmouth Board of Health and demanded an immediate investigation into Bristol County House of Corrections (BCHC). Now they need community members to follow up and support this demand. Learn more about the public health crisis inside BCHC and take action here.

5. Housing Justice

Sign this petition to Ban Evictions and Foreclosures from Healthy Housing Guarantee

The health and safety of all Massachusetts residents depends on people across our state staying home and physically distancing. To make this possible, our state government must immediately ban evictions and foreclosures, cancel rent and mortgages, and guarantee safe housing for all. Please add your name to the petition to state leaders.

6. Conversations about anti-racism

For Families and Kids

Thursdays, July 9, 16, 23, and 30 at 6pm

Waking Giants is a mother-run company with a diverse staff and team from different religious, ethnic, and social communities. It is through our lived experiences that we come to this work, both through living and knowing the dangers of white supremacy and our continued awareness of our roles in protecting it. Our From The Ground Up workshop series is designed for white families to work through how to talk to their kids and each other about race and how everyone can be actively anti-racist, regardless of age. This four-part series will be led in tandem by Waking Giants co-founders, Sera Bonds and Martha Pincoffs, who have over four decades of racial, economic, food, and health justice organizing experience between them, and who will be actively taking part in doing this work with their own families right alongside you. Register here.



Defund the Police: A 4-Day Crash Course

Sunrise Movement, Mijente, Dream Defenders, Critical Resistance, et al.

Monday-Thursday, July 13-16, 4-5pm or 8-9pm

Nationally, the mandate to “Defund the Police” has taken on a life of its own. We, however, understand this mandate as part of an ongoing project of abolition that has not yet been fully realized. Deepen your understanding of abolition and learn how to turn the mandate to “Defund the Police” into tangible action in our communities! By the end of this 4-day crash course, you will understand what exactly the demand “Defund the Police” means, envision what a world without police could look like, and get ready to take action to defund police in your community. Register here.


Besides Protesting, Here Are Five Ways to Actively Support the Black Lives Matter Movement in Boston


75 things white people can do for racial justice:


Reading List


For members of our community who want to learn more about what is behind the calls to “Defund the Police” and “Abolish Prisons”, these concepts have a long history in the US. Let’s learn together. 

You can start by exploring The Movement for Black Lives site: https://m4bl.org , and also check out the articles below:

*Defunding Police: What It Takes to End Police Violence - Movement for Black Lives


*The Struggle to Abolish the Police Is Not New - Boston Review - Garrett Felber examines how prison and police abolition were key to the thinking of many midcentury civil rights activists, and understanding why can help us ask for change in our own time. Read it here.

*Defund the Police   by Annie Lowery   The Atlantic


*A Practical Guide to Defunding the Police - Rolling Stone - Tessa Stuart explains what activists mean when they demand that cities "defund the police." Read it here.