Rev. Rebecca's Candidating News

Dear friends,

It is with great joy that I share the news that I have been invited by the First Religious Society of Newburyport (FRS) to be the candidate for their next settled minister. I am thrilled, beyond words, and am so very excited for the future.

We, First Parish in Brookline and I, have been preparing for this moment for a while now - actually we have been preparing for this moment from our very first hello. We came together in an incredible shared interim ministry. A ministry that changed us all and moved us closer to our best selves. I have been honored to walk this path with you. Thank you for the precious gift of our time together.

As I move forward, know that I do so stronger and more committed because of our shared ministry. Trust that I carry each of you in my heart and mind. You have changed me; we have changed one another, all for the better.

FRS and I will have our candidating week from April 29th - May 6th. This happens, coincidentally, to be the same time when you will be with your candidate. It is beautiful that we will each move forward in our respective new ministries at the same time.

In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine a better outcome to the work that we have done together and the interim ministry that we created.

With love and gratitude, always,

Rev. Rebecca

First Religious Society, Newburyport 
First Religious Society, Newburyport