Racial and Immigration Justice: Take Action This Week

We encourage you to save this link and check it early in the week. Action opportunities will be posted on the website each Monday.

In these especially challenging times it can be overwhelming to decide how to make a difference. The Racial Justice Action Committee wants to help FPB members increase our collective impact in the critical work of racial and immigration justice and, at the same time, build supportive community.

For more information, contact Martha Leader or Almas Dossa.

1. The People's Café with Sol y Canto!

When: Saturday, May 18, 7:00 PM

Where: Lyons Chapel, FP Brookline

Fundraiser to support Beyond - Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network

Don't miss a wonderful evening of music, justice and community! This fundraiser will support Beyond's crucial efforts for immigration justice, such as finding lawyers and housing, showing up in court in solidarity with our neighbors in ICE Detention, paying bond fees and reaching out to accompany families. The People’s Café provides dinner and a concert. Music by Sol y Canto--the Boston Music Award winning Pan-Latin ensemble, led by singer Rosi Amador and guitarist/composer Brian Amador. Their music mixes themes of social justice and global aspiration and is always from the heart. Lyon Chapel, 7 p.m. For more details, contact Café organizers

Ed Loechler () or David Klafter (). 


National Bail Out is running it’s 3rd annual Black Mama’s Bail Out, helping get Black mothers and caretakers free. DONATE TODAY!

This initiative is supported and promoted by the Love Resists campaign of UUA and UUSC, which writes: The prison industrial complex is built upon a cycle of re-incarceration that it perpetuates. Many folks held in cages because of unaffordable bail are … caught in a vicious cycle. According to Transformative Bail Reform, “Jurisdictions that limit or eliminate their use of money bail often have as high or higher percentages of people returning for their court dates.” 

This is just one step in fighting to end cash bail and is a powerful act of solidarity towards the vision of prison abolition. Do you know what cash bail is and how it works? 

Check out this resource from National Bail Out: https://nationalbailout.org/blackcodes. Find out more about this Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers, and activists at http://nationalbailout.org/

3. Make a call - End Mass Incarceration: House Budget Action - Time to Close Prisons in MA!

An amendment added to House Budget DOC 8900-0001 states that if a prison is open in 2019 it must remain open in 2020.

There has been a steady decline in prison populations and it is anticipated to continue to decline, thanks to the Criminal Justice Reform Act passed in April 2019.  Our goal should be to close prisons and add programming for those who remain as well as prepare them for release. DOC Data Dashboard  

Action: Call your Representative and tell them not to support this amendment.  The House Budget process is complete and the Senate debate begins 5/20 – 5/23 (this amendment is not included in the Senate version of the budget).  Your representative can advocate for the amendment to be rejected when the budget is in conference committee.

4. Faith In Action Day at the State House!

When: Wednesday, May 22, 10:00 AM – 12 noon

Where: State House Boston, Meet in Conf Room 109

Clergy people, lay people & supporters! - please join us as we advocate for the Safe Communities Act and the Work & Family Mobility Act (Driver's Licenses).

ICE practices and immigration policy are becoming increasingly cruel. We need to do everything we can to keep families together here in MA. We are fighting to have basic protections passed this session. Please join us! Plan for the day:

We'll meet in conference room 109 and be briefed on the bills. Then, we'll split up into teams and drop support in each office (1 team per floor - approx 33 offices). We'd like clergy to offer a short blessing at each office.

Let’s work to protect our neighbors and keep families together here in Massachusetts! Register here

5. Call-In to Support Ice Detainees

While February's 70 person strong hunger strike has ended, we must continue the pressure for better conditions at the facility and for all detainees to be immediately released. Please read the full list of grievances sent from the detainees and call Sheriff Tompkins @ (617-704-6655), Suffolk County DA Rollins (617-619-4000), and Governor Baker (617-725-4005) to demand humane conditions and the shutdown of the ICE facility.

6. We Who  Believe in Freedom: a Community Reading Series with Mimi Jones

When: Tuesday, May 14, 6 PM

Where: UU Urban Ministry, 10 Putnam St., Roxbury, Ma

Featuring selections from Dr. Karilyn Cockett’s People Before Highways: Boston Activists, Urban Planners, and a New Movement for City Making” in conjunction with Mel King’s Chain of Change: Struggles for Black Community Development.

Free community event sponsored by Mass Humanities, the UU Urban Ministry and Roxbury Cultural Network. 

Followed by a hearty reception and opportunity to meet Mass Humanities’ new Executive Director, Brian Boyles.


Student Immigrant Movement (SIM), a grassroots organization of young folks fighting for immigrant rights and currently working with Movimiento Cosecha to get driver's licenses for all, is being targeted by right wing trolls posting hateful comments and reviews on their Facebook page. Here’s what you can do to support them:

  1. "Like" the SIM Facebook page.
  2. Don't fight with the haters directly. NOT worth it.
  3. "Like" or "Love" the videos on SIM's page, especially the ones with many negative comments. Post your own positive comments on the videos. 
  4. Post a positive review of SIM by clicking on Reviews on the sidebar and then saying "Yes" to recommending SIM and then write something positive